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    "You are standing on North Highland Avenue facing South."
    "You are near Genki Noodles & Sushi."
    "Ahead are many shops and restaurants."
    Building smart communities
    for the blind and visually impaired


Foresight Augmented Reality (FAR) builds smart communities utilizing Bluetooth beacons to bring added context to the world for the blind and visually impaired.

We use this technology to help businesses become visually impaired friendly.
The process to make a business visually impaired and blind friendly, FAR Accessible, is simple. We easily install our small battery powered FAR Beacons in the business and enable that business in our system with descriptive information, and from that point forward any visually impaired person using our free FAR Vision smartphone application can gain access to the audio descriptions.

Our FAR System provides users a location pinpointed with much greater accuracy than GPS. FAR Accessible locations have the ability to provide voice descriptive information such as where main entrances are located, the location of bathrooms and emergency exits, warnings of hazards, lists of available services, and so much more. FAR Accessible restaurants can even have their menus read aloud in our FAR Vision app.


For the visually impaired or blind​

  • Better accuracy of location and less phone battery drain than using GPS.
  • Improved safety with contextual awareness so a visually impaired person knows of nearby hazards.
  • Audio instructions describing the users location including locations of entrances, bathrooms, and emergency exits.  
  • The ability to hear a restaurant's menu since many visually impaired people do not read braille.
  • Greater independence due to less need for a companion to help with the basics of going out.
  • Notification of nearby visually impaired friendly businesses.


For businesses​

  • Compliance beyond ADA.  Have confidence knowing you are going beyond the requirements to support those with disabilities. 
  • Shows your community you are there to support all members.
  • Opens a business to an under served clientele.  The National Foundation for the Blind states there are 7.3 million visually impaired people in the USA.  They are likely in your area, but not in your store yet.  FAR will help bring them in.
  • Allows the pushing of coupons or specials to anybody using on of the FAR smartphone apps and other widely used platforms.
  • Ability to advertise being a visually impaired friendly business attracting many of the people that you may not know about in your area.


FAR has many real world applications for the visually impaired and blind. We have tested our FAR technology in various environments with great success. Watch the videos below to see some examples of FAR being used in the real world.

Featured on Atlanta's 11Alive News

Foresight Augmented Reality was recently featured on Atlanta's 11Alive News. See how one of our premier Community Partners, Taco Mac, uses FAR to help the visually impaired and blind.


FAR changes lives

Our FAR system can be used in almost any environment that presents challenges to the visually impaired and blind. Watch this video to see how effective FAR can be in helping the visually impaired and blind better understand their surroundings.


FAR brings context to the world

In this video, you can see how FAR can be used to help our co-founder, David Furukawa, visualize what is around him as he walks down a local street. The bluetooth beacons in this video were temporarily placed on public property so not in the optimal location at some businesses. Once inside a FAR Accessible business, FAR has the ability to identify bathroom locations, emergency exits, and even read menus using text to speech.


FAR alerts users when they have arrived

Things that seem simple like finding a hotel room can be a huge challenge for the visually impaired and blind. In this video, you can see how FAR can help a user locate their hotel room in a FAR Accessible hotel. For situations when a hotel is not FAR Accessible, we will be selling personal FAR beacons a user can put on their hotel room door or anywhere they want to locate.


If you are visually impaired or blind, get the FAR Vision app on your Android or iPhone. FAR Vision helps bring greater independence by providing audio or large text descriptions at FAR Accessible locations.


Join our growing legion of FAR Accessible Community Partners. Become a more inclusive business helping those with visual impairments lead a more independent and full life. Not only does being FAR Accessible help those with visual impairments, it demonstrates to all of your customers that you are inclusive of everyone in the community. Becoming FAR Accessible is as simple as mounting a small battery powered FAR beacon over your main entrance and filling out some basic descriptive information about your location. Once complete, you can proudly display your FAR Accessible window sticker. Click the link below and send us a quick message, and we'll contact you to chat about becoming FAR Accessible.

To get FAR Accessible or to speak with us about our FAR system, please send us a message. We look forward to speaking to you!


  • Tara Williams

    Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

    Tara has over 16 years as a dedicated leader and intrapreneur in product development across many industries. Whether developing complex tax systems at a small startup, creating cutting edge global financial clearing systems at a large corporation, or matching businesses to top candidates, Tara has focused on creating quality solutions that provide maximum value to customers and businesses alike. But Tara’s interest and dedication to finding solutions to improve lives goes even further back than that. In college, while earning her BBA in Computer Information Systems, Tara developed the donation site for Canine Companions for Independence. That experience, combined with the passing of Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act in 2000, lead Tara to become a published expert and speaker on Breaking Down the Barriers of the Digital Divide. She is excited to bring her career full circle back to a passion that started it all and providing a new product that can improve the way in which people live.

  • Chris Webb

    Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

    Chris has been a successful entreprenuer for almost 20 years. With an engineering degree from Vanderbilt University and having developed and built two successful telecommunications companies, Chris decided he wanted to do something that directly helped people. Having known David Furukawa for almost 25 years, Chris saw first hand the difficulties that the blind and visually impaired face and worked with David to develop Foresight Augmented Reality to help resolve those difficulties.

  • David Furukawa, PA-C

    Co-Founder & Chief Experience Officer

    David was diagnosed at age 14 with a retinal degenerative disease, Retinitis Pigmentosa. David has worked hard to not allow his progressive vision loss to impair his goals and accomplishments. Graduating from Valdosta State University with a B.S. in Biology/Zoology, David studied many ecosystems and how the surrounding animal life is impacted by our environment. He has been able to draw parallels on how animals adapt to the challenges and obstacles in their own environment. His graduate studies at the Medical College of Georgia prepared him for a professional career as a staff physician assistant: first in Internal Medicine at Kaiser Permanente, and then in the field of Ophthalmology for the Emory Eye Center for 16 years. Providing direct support to the many physicians and surgeons at Emory enlightened David in his quest for not only finding a treatment and cure for his own eye disease, but to also develop practical technologies that will enhance and improve activities of daily living.

  • Sampson

    Chief Guide Dog

    Sampson is David Furukawa's guide dog. Sampson helps connect with businesses, stars in our demonstration videos, and cleans up spilled pretzels.