FAR Market Maker

Proximity Marketing for independent consultants, real estate agents, and other non-storefront businesses.

Only $49.99/beacon with $4.99/month Market Maker Portal access.

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FAR Beacon
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Do you own an online business? Do you sell products from your home? Do you wonder how you can better market your business and reach more customers?

FAR Market Maker

FAR Market Maker is the solution for you have been looking for!

FAR Market Maker enables you to:

  • Reach more customers in your area through proximity marketing
  • Promote pop-up shows and online sales
  • Connect through virtual business cards
  • Build awareness for your company and personal brand
  • View trends of notifications
  • Offer coupons and specials
  • Got customers to sign up for mailing lists
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Easy To Start

How It Works

Proximity Marketing uses our FAR Market Maker beacons to send enticing marketing messages to mobile devices within 200 feet of your location. Keep a beacon in your purse, briefcase, on a For Sale sign, or even in your office. Think about how many people surround you in a given day. Your marketing message will get pushed to any smartphone that supports the physical web. Currently that is roughtly 107 million smartphones in the US alone!

With FAR Market Maker beacons you can:

  • Direct market to any of the 107 million phones that have built support that pass near you. No app required
  • See trends of notifications sent to phones to determine the best places to get your message out
  • Change your marketing messages as often as you would like through our Market Maker Portal
  • Earn a referal fee by getting your friends to join the Market Maker Community
  • Increase your sales and reach new clientele with ease

FAR Market Maker is the modern way to get your message out!

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